Lou Gehrig's Disease Study: Renewing Brain's Aging Support Cells May Help Neurons Survive

Cedars-Sinai ALS Research Shows That Aging Astrocytes Lose the Ability to Protect Motor Neurons, Which Control Movement, but Replacing Old Cells With Younger Ones Engineered to Restore an Important Protein May Improve Neuron Survival

Los Angeles - Oct. 29, 2014 - Lou Gehrig's disease, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, attacks muscle-controlling nerve cells – motor neurons – in the brain, brainstem and spinal cord, leading to progressive weakness and eventual paralysis of muscles throughout the body. Patients typically survive only three to five years...

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Cedars-Sinai ALS Program Presents Update on Lou Gehrig's Disease for Patients, Families

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