Independent Student Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in our Independent Student Program. The program is undergoing changes to better meet the needs of our pre-med students. Starting in early 2014 we will be rolling out our new process and all of the information our students need to secure volunteer placement.


UPDATED PROCESS: In an effort to expedite the on-boarding process, qualified applicants will submit directly to the Volunteer Services office for placement. The Volunteer Services office will be responsible for contacting and assigning students to eligible members of our faculty.  In the meantime, please do not attempt to contact our faculty directly, as we will be doing this on your behalf when the program is up and running.


Thank you for your patience during our time of transition and we look forward to posting our comprehensive program updates in the New Year.


You are not permitted to begin a volunteer opportunity until you have been fully processed by the Volunteer Services Department and obtained a CSMC badge.