Katherine Haker, MD

Cross-Sectional Imaging; Pediatric Radiology

Katherine Haker, MD is an attending staff radiologist with the S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center.

Dr. Haker is board certified in radiology and licensed in California and Michigan. She also holds a special pediatric ALS certification. She has participated in several abstracts and scientific exhibits internationally.

Dr. Haker previously served as Director of Radiology Services for the UCLA, Student Health. As an assistant professor for the Department of Radiology at UCLA, she specialized in pediatric and chest radiology. While in Michigan, she served as a medical consultant for the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Department of Utilization Review.

Dr. Haker is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. She completed a residency in diagnostic radiology at Wayne State University, Detroit and fellowships in pediatric radiology and thoracic radiology at UCLA. She has also been featured in the Super Doctors® edition of Los Angeles magazine.