Evgeny Tsimerinov, MD, PhD

Associate Director, Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory

Evgeny I. Tsimerinov, MD, PhD is Associate Director of the Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory at Cedars-Sinai.

Dr. Tsimerinov is board certified in neurology and clinical neurophysiology. His primary clinical and research interests include neuromuscular disorders, epilepsy, neurophysiology, neuro-vestibular disorders, deep brain stimulation (DBS) and Botox treatment. His current clinical research project involves new therapy in ALS and epilepsy.

He is a member of American Academy of Neurology, American Clinical Neurophysiology Society, American Epilepsy Society, and International Brain Mapping and Intraoperative Surgical Planning Society. He has published numerous scientific articles, and also holds the authorized patent for the surgical "Method of Treatment of Bilateral Chronic Frontal Sinusitis." He was awarded the Gold Tag Award from the Russian Federation for "outstanding studies in medicine and excellent achievements in student research." In 2005 he received the American Academy of Neurology scholarship and the Top Fellow Scholarship from the American Epilepsy Association.

Dr. Tsimerinov earned his medical degree from Kemerovo State Medical Institute and his postdoctoral degree from the Moscow Ear, Throat and Nose Scientific Research Institute. He fulfilled all requirements and completed residency training and a doctorate program in ENT surgery in Russia. He further completed an internship at the University of Minnesota and a neurology residency at Loma Linda University. He then fulfilled a Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Tsimerinov speaks fluent Russian and Ukrainian.

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