New Studies

  • 25081 Cerebral Perfusion Imaging to Measure Cerebral Blood Volume in Patients with Acute Stroke, Chronic Cerebro-Occlusive Diseases and Intra-Cranial Neoplasm
    Status: Active
    Disease: Acute Stroke
    Summary: This is a pilot study to collect data on images acquired from  the use of cerebral (brain) blood volume (CBV) mapping using Siemens Syngo Dyna CT® C-arm CT from a specific type of detector called a bi-plane detector system in patients with acute stroke.  Comparison will be made to conventional Code Brain CT images obtained in the Emergency Room.
  • 23893 Arterial Spin Labeling MRI Perfusion in Evaluating Brain Tumors: An Investigator Initiated Pilot Project
    Status: Active
    Disease: Brain Tumor
    Summary: This research study is designed to compare arterial-spin-labeling enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to conventional contrast-enhanced MRI.   
  • 24133 Native Sequence for Non-Contrast MR Angiogram compared with conventional contrast enhanced 3D MRA on 3T Verio Magnet
    Status: Active
    Disease: Vascular Disease
    Summary: This study investigates the Siemens Syngo® Native Magnetic Resonance Angiography sequence as a non-contrast alternative that would allow patients with compromised kidney function to have these exams