Didactic Schedules

Neurology grand rounds take place each Friday from 12 pm – 1 pm.  All neurology residents, fellows and medical students attend these conference, as well as medicine and psychiatry residents rotating on the neurology service. An outside speaker is invited to give a talk on relevant topics.

Friday Didactics
Neurology Core Curriculum occurs weekly on Friday  from 10 - 12pm. Two lectures are scheduled, one that is clinically based, followed by a basic science lecture usually related to the clinical topic just presented. All residents are required to attend all core curriculum didactics. Lectures are given by selected clinical and basic science faculty with expertise in the assigned topic. Each July and August, senior residents will present a series of lectures on Emergency Neurology Lecture to the incoming resident class, with faculty oversight. These lectures will cover the major topics in acute care of neurological emergencies. The entire curriculum is covered twice during the three years of residency and includes areas mandated by the ACGME and are assessed in the yearly RITE exam and on Neurology Board examinations. The standard format for each session includes a review by the faculty and questions with the trainees at the end.

Journal club takes place on the second Tuesday of the month.  Residents in the PGY3 and PGY4 yeas are assigned articles to be presented by the Journal Club coordinator.  Residents should consult with a faculty member with related expertise who can provide assistance with the presentation and function as a discussant. The presentation should include a detailed critique of the selected article and must include a discussion of the strengths, weaknesses and relevance to clinical practice.

Morbidity and mortality conference
takes place on 5th Wednesdays throughout the year (2-4/year).  In addition to the faculty, the chief residents can submit cases for discussion. Cases are selected for presentation by faculty coordinator on the basis of severity and teaching value.  The residents most directly involved in the case will present the case to the faculty who are required to attend. A full discussion will follow including the development of a quality improvement plan if indicated.

Other Conferences:
Tumor Board takes place Wednesday mornings 8-9am is attendance in required during the Outpatient Subspecialty rotation, but any interested resident is encouraged to attend. This is a multi-disciplinary conference that brings together members from neuro-oncology, radiology, neurosurgery, radiation oncology and pathology to discuss active patient cases.

Vascular Conference
takes place Wednesdays 12-1pm and is required for residents rotating on the Consultation Service and NsICU service unless there is a GME core curriculum conference scheduled, in which case residents are required to attend the GME lecture.

Pediatric Neuroradiology Conference
takes place on quarterly on Fridays afternoon 1:30-2:30pm. Attendance is mandatory for during the Cedars Child Neurology rotation, and encouraged for all residents when possible.
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