Neurology Department

The Cedars-Sinai Department of Neurology unites the field's best minds with leading-edge technology and world-class facilities to provide the most complete treatment and best answers for our patients.

Our Stroke Program, ALS research team and diagnostic experts in our Neurophysiology Laboratory are just a few examples of the department's agile, multidisciplinary approach, which ensures a 360-degree view in a constant effort to discover the ideal pathways to superior care.

Scientific Solutions

Teamwork Leads to Better Diagnosis of Rare MS Variant

Cedars-Sinai’s multiple sclerosis and rheumatology experts are using high-tech imaging to help patients with neuromyelitis optica, a hard-to-diagnose variant of multiple sclerosis.

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In the News

Noted Publicist Battles ALS With Help of Cedars-Sinai Expert Team

ALS Program experts are helping Nanci Ryder access the treatment and resources she needs to manage Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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