Transfusion Medicine

The Transfusion Medicine Division provides specialized testing to ensure safe transfusions, and consultation for patients with immune hemolytic anemias and other blood disorders.  The blood donor facility collects all fractions of blood, including autologous donations.  Therapeutic apheresis services are offered for exchanges, treatment of various neurologic, immune-mediated and hematologic disorders, and collection of cells for transplantation.


Services offered:

  • 2nd Opinion/Consultation forms
  • Clinical consultation services
  • Blood, platelets, plasma for transfusion
  • Community and autologous blood collection
  • Therapeutic apheresis, including plasmapheresis, red cell exchange, LDL apheresis, photopheresis
  • Hematopoietic stem cell collection


   Ellen Klapper, MD, Director

   D. Joe Chaffin, MD

   Holli Mason, MD

   Hedyeh Shafi, MD



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