Antibiotic Use and Infectious Diseases

The Antibiotic Use Review (AUR) pharmacist's primary role is to promote the rational, safe and cost-conscious use of antimicrobials at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

With the current concerns about resistance to antibiotics, this role is critical in ensuring that the therapy provided is effective and does not contribute to the increasing number of resistant bacteria, such as vancomycin-resistant enterocci and quninolone-resistant pseudomonas.

The problem is that once bacteria become resistant to conventional therapy, fewer and fewer options exist to treat infections.

The activities of the AUR pharmacist generally include participation in daily antibiotic surveillance rounds, conducting concurrent medication use evaluations, developing policies and guidelines for use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and reviewing new antimicrobials for formulary consideration.

The AUR pharmacist works closely with the Department of Epidemiology and the Division of Infectious Diseases in evaluating the impact of antibiotic use on the incidence of antibiotic resistance in the hospital. The AUR pharmacist is also involved in education of the pharmacy and medical staff.

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