Research and Clinical Trials

Research is an ongoing process at the Cedars-Sinai Pituitary Center. Scientists at Cedars-Sinai are doing research that expands our knowledge of pituitary tumors -- how they begin, how they grow and how best to treat them.

Click here to go to the clinical trials database for more information (in the search box type "pituitary"). Current studies include:

  • The global hypopituitary control and complications study. (IRB #4083. Principal Investigator: Shlomo Melmed, MD)
  • A study to compare the safety, efficacy and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic relationship of multiple doses of SOM 230 and doses of open label Sandostatin in acromegalic patients. (IRB #4337. Principal Investigator: Shlomo Melmed, MD)
  • A study to explore the natural course of disease for non-functioning microadenomas and non-functioning macroadenomas. (Pro9829. Principal Investigator: Shlomo Melmed)
  • Effectivness of SOM230 in treating non-functioning pituitary tumors. (IRB # 4291. Principal Investigator: Shlomo Melmed, MD)
  • Does surgical debulking of pituitary adenomas improve responsiveness to Octreotide LAR in the treatment of acromegaly: an investigator-initiated study. (IRB #4276. Principal Investigator: Shlomo Melmed)
  • A study examining the peri- and post-operative dynamics of the GH/IGF-1 axis in subjects with acromegaly during the first year after surgical resection. (Pro8997. Principal Investigator: John D. Carmichael, MD)
  • Laser fluorescence of brain tumors. (IRB #3444. Principal Investigator: Adam Mamelak, MD)
  • Prevalence of pituitary incidentaloma in relatives of patients with pituitary adenoma. (IRB #3765. Principal Investigator: Vivien Bonert, MD)
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