Physical Therapy and Exercise

Exercise can have tremendous physiological benefits while providing cancer survivors with a sense of control during a potentially vulnerable time. In addition to striving to improve independence and ensuring some level of activity, participating in an exercise program can provide a positive outlet for stress and anxiety.

Physical therapy can help patients with the following:

  • Exercise: some cancer patients are athletes and others may not have ever exercised before. A physical therapist can help personalize an exercise program suited to each individual's medical condition, with the goal of improving strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and coordination.
  • Mobility: walking safely in different environments, assessing the need for an assistive device, and training on safely climbing stairs.
  • Pain syndromes: non-pharmacologic approaches to pain management, including manual therapy, electrical stimulation, heat and/or cold applications.
  • Family training: helping to train family members and caregivers on how to safely assist cancer patients to transfer in and out of bed or during walking and exercise.

For appointments, a doctor's written prescription is needed and may be sent by fax or mail. Prior authorization by the health plan may also be needed. Patients will be called to arrange an initial evaluation within 24 hours of receiving the prescription.

To schedule an appointment or to get more information, please call (310) 423-2111.

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