Colorectal Cancer Publications

Colorectal Cancer

Chemokine receptor CSCR4 expression by melanoma and colorectal cancer facilitates liver metastasis and correlates with disease outcome. Kim J. Mori t, Amersi F, Martinez SR, Kuo C, Turner RR, Yi C, Bilchik AJ, Morton DL, Hoon DSB. Ann Surg 2006; 244(1):113-120.

Multimodal therapy improves rates of resection and survival in patients with hepatic metastases from colorectal cancer. Ahmad A, Chen SL, Kavanagh MA, Iddings DI, McElrath-Garza A, Amersi FF, Bilchik AJ. Annals of Surgery (submitted)

Wright BE, Bell TC, Amersi FF, Cohen JS, Memsic L, Silberman AW: Transabdominal Utilization of the EEA Stapler in Low Anterior Resection for Rectal Carcinoma. (Submitted to American Surgeon).

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