Melanoma Publications


What is the role of sentinel node biopsy in the management of melanoma? Amersi F, Morton D. Advances in Surgery (in press)

Chemokine receptor CSCR4 expression by melanoma and colorectal cancer facilitates liver metastasis and correlates with disease outcome. Kim J. Mori t, Amersi F, Martinez SR, Kuo C, Turner RR, Yi C, Bilchik AJ, Morton DL, Hoon DSB. Ann Surg 2006; 244(1):113-120.

Age and gender influences the progression of early stage melanoma. Garza A, Amersi F, Xing Y, Waneck L, Morton DLM. J Clin Oncol (submitted).

Chemokine receptor CCR9 expression by melanoma facilitates metastases to small bowel. Amersi F, Tran A, Kim J, Kuo C, Faries M, Morton DLM, Hoon DSB. (in preparation).

Activation of CCR9/CCL25 in cutaneous melanoma mediates preferential metastasis to the small intestine. Clinical Cancer Research 2008, 14(3):638-645. Amersi F, Terando A, Goto Y, Scolyer R, Thompson JF, Faries M, Morton DL and Hoon D.

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