Damini Dey, PhD

Technical Co-Director, PET/CT, Biomedical Imaging Research Institute, Biomedical Sciences

Research Scientist, Biomedical Sciences

Phone:(310) 423-1517

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor, Medicine

Awards and Activities

Faculty 1000, Associate Faculty Member2011
Fellow, Society of Cardiovascular CT2010
Graduate Research Scholarship, Department of Physics, University of Calgary, Canada1998
Faculty Speaker, Society of Cardiovascular CT Annual Meeting2010
Assistant Professor in Residence IV, Department of Medicine, University of California Los Angeles2010
Society of Cardiovascular CT Basic Sciences and Emerging Technologies Committee2010
Faculty Speaker at Nuclear Cardiology and CT2011

Research Focus

Quantitative noninvasive cardiac imaging. Automated coronary artery analysis from cardiac CT - measurement of total plaque burden and epicardial fat burden. Automated derivation of imaging measures from cardiac images. Improving image quality and image acquisition techniques, and reducing radiation dose in cardiac CT and cardiac PET-CT.

Research Contributions

Automated derivation of imaging measures from noninvasive cardiac image data, particularly cardiac CT, clinical implementation of novel automated computer processing algorithms, and the application of these tools to solve key clinical problems.

Current investigations include:

Automated measurement of non-calcified and calcified coronary plaque from coronary CT Angiography. Automated noninvasive detection of coronary plaque lesions. Automated noninvasive measurement of epicardial and thoracic fat and their clinical value. Detection of coronary plaque inflammation with PET-CT. Improvement of image quality and radiation dose reduction in cardiac CT and cardiac PET-CT.

Selected Publications

  1. Cheng VY, Slomka PJ, Le Meunier L, Tamarappoo BK, Nakazato R, Dey D, Berman DS: Coronary Arterial 18F-FDG Uptake by Fusion of PET and Coronary CT Angiography at Sites of Percutaneous Stenting for Acute Myocardial Infarction and Stable Coronary Artery Disease. Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine, , 2012
  2. Nakazato R, Rajani R, Cheng VY, Shmilovich H, Nakanishi R, Otaki Y, Gransar H, Slomka PJ, Hayes SW, Thomson LE, Friedman JD, Wong ND, Shaw LJ, Budoff M, Rozanski A, Berman DS, Dey D: Weight change modulates epicardial fat burden: A 4-year serial study with non-contrast computed tomography. Atherosclerosis, , 2011
  3. Dey D, Schepis T, Marwan M, Slomka PJ, Berman DS, Achenbach S: Automated three-dimensional quantification of noncalcified coronary plaque from coronary CT angiography: comparison with intravascular US. Radiology, 257(2): 516-22, 2010
  4. Dey D, Wong ND, Tamarappoo B, Nakazato R, Gransar H, Cheng VY, Ramesh A, Kakadiaris I, Germano G, Slomka PJ, Berman DS: Computer-aided non-contrast CT-based quantification of pericardial and thoracic fat and their associations with coronary calcium and Metabolic Syndrome. Atherosclerosis, 209(1): 136-41, 2009
  5. Cheng VY, Dey D, Tamarappoo B, Nakazato R, Gransar H, Miranda-Peats R, Ramesh A, Wong ND, Shaw LJ, Slomka PJ, Berman DS: Pericardial fat burden on ECG-gated noncontrast CT in asymptomatic patients who subsequently experience adverse cardiovascular events. JACC Cardiovasc Imaging, 3(4): 352-60, 2010
  6. Dey D, Cheng VY, Slomka PJ, Nakazato R, Ramesh A, Gurudevan S, Germano G, Berman DS: Automated 3-dimensional quantification of noncalcified and calcified coronary plaque from coronary CT angiography. J Cardiovasc Comput Tomogr, 3(6): 372-82, 2009

Lab Information

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