Dolores Di Vizio, MD, PhD

Research Scientist, Urology
Phone:(310) 423-7709
Fax:(310) 967-3809

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor, Surgery
Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences

Awards and Activities

Award for exceptional research2013
The Howard Temin Award from the NCI2008
Federico II/AECOM2000 - 2002
several top journalsCurrent
New York Academy of Sciences2005 - 2007
American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)2011
Society for Basic Urologic Research (SBUR)2011

Research Focus

Mechanism of metastasis of prostate cancer. Employ molecular, cellular, animal and human tissue models to perform molecular and functional analysis of circulating Large Oncosome in prostate cancer and other tumors. Molecular profiling is based on large scale quantitative LC/LC-MS/MS, and NGS.

The functional role of Caveolin-1 in cancer associated fibroblasts

Research Contributions

Leader in the discovery of of the functional role of epithelial and stromal caveolin-1 in prostate cancer
Leader in the discovery of large oncosomes, atypically large tumor-derived extracellular vesicles that contain molecules functionally to cancer progression, which can be detected in the ciruclation.

Current investigations include:

Mechanism of prostate cancer metastasis
Large Oncosomes as Biomarkers of tumor progression
Molecular and functional analysis of circulating Large Oncosome in prostate cancer and other tumors
Functional characterization of the miRNA cargo of Large Oncosomes in human tumors
The functional role of Caveolin-1 in cancer associated fibroblasts

Selected Publications

  1. Israelsen WJ, Dayton TL, Davidson SM, Fiske BP, Hosios AM, Bellinger G, Li J, Yu Y, Sasaki M, Horner JW, Burga LN, Xie J, Jurczak MJ, DePinho RA, Clish CB, Jacks T, Kibbey RG, Wulf GM, Di Vizio D, Mills GB, Cantley LC, Vander Heiden MG: PKM2 isoform-specific deletion reveals a differential requirement for pyruvate kinase in tumor cells. Cell, 155(2): 397-409, 2013
  2. Di Vizio D, Morello M, Sotgia F, Pestell RG, Freeman MR, Lisanti MP: An absence of stromal caveolin-1 is associated with advanced prostate cancer, metastatic disease and epithelial Akt activation. Cell Cycle, 8(15): 2420-4, 2009
  3. Freeman MR, Kim J, Lisanti MP, Di Vizio D: A metabolic perturbation by U0126 identifies a role for glutamine in resveratrol-induced cell death. Cancer Biol. Ther., 12(11): 966-77, 2011
  4. Di Vizio D, Morello M, Dudley AC, Schow PW, Adam RM, Morley S, Mulholland D, Rotinen M, Hager MH, Insabato L, Moses MA, Demichelis F, Lisanti MP, Wu H, Klagsbrun M, Bhowmick NA, Rubin MA, D'Souza-Schorey C, Freeman MR: Large oncosomes in human prostate cancer tissues and in the circulation of mice with metastatic disease. Am. J. Pathol., 181(5): 1573-84, 2012
  5. Ayala G, Morello M, Frolov A, You S, Li R, Rosati F, Bartolucci G, Danza G, Adam RM, Thompson TC, Lisanti MP, Freeman MR, Di Vizio D: Loss of caveolin-1 in prostate cancer stroma correlates with reduced relapse-free survival and is functionally relevant to tumour progression. J. Pathol., 231(1): 77-87, 2013
  6. Morello M, Minciacchi VR, de Candia P, Yang J, Posadas E, Kim H, Griffiths D, Bhowmick N, Chung LW, Gandellini P, Freeman MR, Demichelis F, Di Vizio D: Large oncosomes mediate intercellular transfer of functional microRNA. Cell Cycle, 12(22): 3526-36, 2013