Michael Freeman, PhD

Vice Chair of Research, Surgery

Director, Cancer Biology and Therapeutics, Biomedical Sciences

Phone:(310) 423-7069

Institute Affiliation

Cancer Institute

Academic Appointments

Professor, Surgery
Professor, Biomedical Sciences

Awards and Activities

John K. Lattimer Award2010
AUA Foundation: Distinguished Mentor Award2004
NIH MERIT Award for R01 DK475562001
Associate Editor: American Journal of PathologyCurrent
President: Society for Basic Urologic Research2002 - 2003

Research Focus

The Freeman Laboratory focuses on urogenital tract physiology, with a primary focus on cancer progression to lethal disease. Prostate cancer is an area of strong emphasis. We also have an interest and substantial publication history in molecular studies of bladder cancer, breast cancer, smooth muscle regulation and dysfunction, and interstitial cystitis/pelvic pain syndrome.

Research Contributions

Contributions in (1) the role of cholesterol in prostate cancer progression, (2) the cytokine heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor in prostate physiology, bladder, and smooth muscle function, and (3) tumor cell plasticity and the relationship to metastatic cancer.

Current investigations include:

Lipid and cholesterol metabolism in cancer. The "amoeboid" tumor phenotype. Chromatin structure and androgen regulation. Signaling mechanisms in urologic diseases.

Selected Publications

  1. Liu Z, Zanata SM, Kim J, Peterson MA, Di Vizio D, Chirieac LR, Pyne S, Agostini M, Freeman MR, Loda M: The ubiquitin-specific protease USP2a prevents endocytosis-mediated EGFR degradation. Oncogene, 32(13): 1660-9, 2012
  2. Kim J, Kim WJ, Liu Z, Loda M, Freeman MR: The ubiquitin-specific protease USP2a enhances tumor progression by targeting cyclin A1 in bladder cancer. Cell Cycle, 11(6): 1123-30, 2012
  3. Di Vizio D, Morello M, Dudley AC, Schow PW, Adam RM, Morley S, Mulholland D, Rotinen M, Hager MH, Insabato L, Moses MA, Demichelis F, Lisanti MP, Wu H, Klagsbrun M, Bhowmick NA, Rubin MA, D'Souza-Schorey C, Freeman MR: Large oncosomes in human prostate cancer tissues and in the circulation of mice with metastatic disease. Am. J. Pathol., 181(5): 1573-84, 2012
  4. Kim J, Di Vizio D, Kim TK, Kim J, Kim M, Pelton K, Clinton SK, Hai T, Hwang D, Solomon KR, Freeman MR: The response of the prostate to circulating cholesterol: activating transcription factor 3 (ATF3) as a prominent node in a cholesterol-sensing network. PLoS ONE, 7(7): e39448, 2012
  5. Hager MH, Morley S, Bielenberg DR, Gao S, Morello M, Holcomb IN, Liu W, Mouneimne G, Demichelis F, Kim J, Solomon KR, Adam RM, Isaacs WB, Higgs HN, Vessella RL, Di Vizio D, Freeman MR: DIAPH3 governs the cellular transition to the amoeboid tumour phenotype. EMBO Mol Med, 4(8): 743-60, 2012

Lab Information