Piotr Slomka, PhD

Research Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Program

Phone:(310) 423-4348
Fax:(310) 423-0173

Academic Appointments

Professor, Medicine

Awards and Activities

Fellow, American College of Cardiology2008
Fellow, Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine1997
Board of Editors: Journal of Nuclear CardiologyCurrent
Board of Editors: Journal of Nuclear MedicineCurrent
Member, Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM)1993
Member, American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM)1994
Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)1995

Research Focus

Development of automated software and algorithms to allow analysis of three-dimensional images of the heart in much the same way an experienced human operator would. Application of artificial intelligence techniques to the measurement of parameters critical to understanding the state and behavior of the human heart.

Research Contributions

Developed accurate automated techniques to quantify myocardial perfusion and ischemia from nuclrear cardiology SPECT scans. This software performs in some cases more accurately than experienced human observers.

Current investigations include:

Development of automated computer algorithms for myocardial perfusion quantification and multimodality image registration.

Selected Publications

  1. Slomka PJ, Fieno D, Ramesh A, Goyal V, Nishina H, Thompson LE, Saouaf R, Berman DS, Germano G: Patient motion correction for multiplanar, multi-breath-hold cardiac cine MR imaging. Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI, 25(5): 965-73, 2007
  2. Slomka PJ, Fieno D, Thomson L, Friedman JD, Hayes SW, Germano G, Berman DS: Automatic detection and size quantification of infarcts by myocardial perfusion SPECT: clinical validation by delayed-enhancement MRI. J. Nucl. Med., 46(5): 728-35, 2005
  3. Slomka PJ, Hurwitz GA, Stephenson J, Cradduck T: Automated alignment and sizing of myocardial stress and rest scans to three-dimensional normal templates using an image registration algorithm. J. Nucl. Med., 36(6): 1115-22, 1995
  4. Slomka PJ, Nishina H, Berman DS, Kang X, Akincioglu C, Friedman JD, Hayes SW, Aladl UE, Germano G: "Motion-frozen" display and quantification of myocardial perfusion. J. Nucl. Med., 45(7): 1128-34, 2004
  5. Slomka PJ, Nishina H, Berman DS, Kang X, Friedman JD, Hayes SW, Aladl UE, Germano G: Automatic quantification of myocardial perfusion stress-rest change: a new measure of ischemia. J. Nucl. Med., 45(2): 183-91, 2004
  6. Slomka PJ, Dey D, Przetak C, Aladl UE, Baum RP: Automated 3-dimensional registration of stand-alone (18)F-FDG whole-body PET with CT. J. Nucl. Med., 44(7): 1156-67, 2003