Services and Prices

Contact the RMI iPSC Core for a quote on any of these services.


Custom iPSC Generation Package

Includes generation of 3 clonal iPSC lines per patient sample and most pluripotency characterization services*.

External (Outside CSMC)$12,000

*See table below for characterization services included package (*)

Source tissues can include: fibroblast (skin), MSCs, adipose cells, various and stromal epithelial cell types, lymphoblastoid cells lines (LCLs or EBV B-cells) and fresh whole blood. The fresh blood must be collected in CPT tubes and centrifuged according to manufacture's directions. All reprogramming is preformed using non-integrating techniques in defined media (serum and KSR-free) and feeder-free conditions (no MEFs). Cost for each patient line includes the expansion and banking of 3 throughly characterized clonal lines under feeder-free conditions. Each of the cell lines will be accompanied by a rigorous Certificate of Analysis (COA) to ensure pluripotency, normal karyotype, embryoid body formation and a variety of services related to the characterization of the pluripotent state (see below).

Pluripotent Stem Cell (PSC) Quality Control and Characterization Services

The RMI iPSC Core offers a variety of assays to ensure the quality and pluripotency of PSC lines. PSC characterization is included in the custom iPSC generation service, or separately as needed. 

ServiceRequirementsPrice/ iPSC Line (1 clone)Price/ iPSC Line (3 clones)
 Mycoplasma Testing*Please provide the Core with at least 1ml of 2 day old conditioned media. The Core regularly performs mycoplasma testing once a month. Contact the Core for the next available mycoplasma testing date. $17.00$50.00 
Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) StainingPlease provide the Core with 1 well of 50-60% confluent cells. $40.00$110.00 
Immunocytochemistry (ICC) staining images* SSEA4 + OCT4  
TRA-1-60 + NANOG
TRA-1-81 + SOX2
Please proved the Core with 1 well of good quality cells that are at least 50-60% confluent.$80.00 $225.00 
 OCT 3/4 + NANOG (or SSEA4) Imaging/Flow Cytometry*6 samples, minimum, are required for running this assay. Price may be split between multiple investigators and Core can help coordinate. Please provide the Core with 1 confluent well of each sample.  $120.00 $330.00 
 G-Band Karyotype*Please provide the Core with 2- 80% confluent wells.$450.00 $1250.00 
PluriTest AssayPlease provide the Core with 1-2- 80% confluent wells.  $320.00  $900.00
 RT-qPCR for endogenous/exogenous pluripotency gene expression*  Please provide the Core with 1-2 wells of good quality cells that are at least 80% confluent.  $100.00 $280.00 
 Embryoid Body (EB) formation, RT-PCR gene expression for 3 lineages.*Please provide the Core with a 70-80% confluent 6-well plate of cells.  $340.00 $950.00 
Teratoma formation Price per clone. Contact the Core for more information regarding teratoma formation.  $2500.00 $6500.00 
 hPSC Scorecard Assay*Price is per clone. Please provide the Core with a 70-80% confluent 6-well plate of cells. We will generate EBs and also test parent iPSCs. This assay is done in pair of iPSCs + EBs generated from the iPSCs for 10-18 days. Price reflected is for the pair.  $600.00 $1500.00 
 EBNA1 gDNA PCR*Confirm lack of exogenous plasmid presence. Price is per clone.  $200.00 $550.00 
Southern Blot Analysis   Confirm lack of plasmid integration.$300.00 $850.00 

 Services listed in BOLD are not included on the standard iPSC Generation Package. These services can be requested at an additional charge using the rates described above.


Bio-Banking and PSC Thawing

As part of the custom iPSC generation service, the core will expand and bank 3 fully characterized iPSC clones per cell line. This service is also available to iPSC and ESC lines generated outside of Cedars-Sinai.

ServiceService DescriptionRequirementsPrice
 Cell Line CryopreservationGuaranteed cryopreservation of high quality, mycoplasma negative cells (6 vials total-feeder free).Please provide the Core with 1 well of starter cells.  $150.00 
 PSC ThawThe Core will thaw 1 vial of PSCs into 1 Matrigel coated well of a 6-well plate and maintain cells for 1 week.  Please provide the Core with 1 vial of cryopreserved cells.  $50.00 
 PSC Thaw and ExpansionThe Core will thaw 1 vial of PSCs into 1 Matrigel coated well of a 6-well plate and expand cells into a full 6-well plate over the course of 2 weeks.   Please provide the Core with 1 vial of cryopreserved cells.$150.00 
 PSC Research Grade Bio-BankThe Core will generate a research grade bank of multiple cryopreserved vials of PSCs.  Karyotype will be performed prior to initiating banking and at the time of creating a research grade lot.  Contact Us 

Imaging Services - Image Express Micro, Molecular Devices

ServiceService DescriptionRequirementsPrice
Image Express MicroIndependent acquisition and analysis. User must be trained.  $75.00/hr 
Image Express MicroStaff assisted acquisition and analysis. User must be trained.  $120.00/hr 

Cell Lines

To see a complete list of available cell lines, please visit our Stem Cell Lines page.

PSC Pricing

hiPSCs or hESCs CryovialFrozen $650.00 
hiPSCs or hESCs*  6-well plate Live Culture $120.00 ($20.00/well) + $650.00 (cost of vial) = $770.00 
Reporter cell lines (iPSCs or ESCs) Nuclear GFP in AAVS1 safe harbor locus6-well plate Live Culture $120.00 
 Reporter cell lines (iPSCs or ESCs) Nuclear GFP in AAVS1 safe harbor locus CryovialFrozen $700.00 

MEF Pricing

PSC qualified and mitomycin-C treated

MEF vial suitable for 3 plates Cryovial - 5x10^6 cells  Frozen $70.00 
MEF vial suitable for 6 plates Cryovial - 10x10^6 cells  Frozen $130.00
Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts (MEF) 6-well plate Live culture $30.00 
Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts (MEF)T75 flask Live culture $35.00

*Shipping and Tax will be additional

Custom Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast (MEF) Generation

Contact the Core for custom generation of P1 and P2 non-mitomycin treated MEFs.


The iPSC Core trains graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and technicians in stem cell biology techniques. To schedule a training appointment, please contact the iPSC Core.