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Selected Key Publications

Cheng VY, Slomka PJ, Le Meunier L, Tamarappoo BK, Nakazato R, Dey D, Berman DS. Coronary arterial 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake by fusion of PET and coronary CT angiography at sites of percutaneous stenting for acute myocardial infarction and stable coronary artery disease. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 2012; in press.

Dey D, Nakazato R, Pimentel R, Paz W, Hayes SW, Friedman JD, Cheng VY, Slomka PJ, Thomson LEJ, Berman DS. Low radiation coronary calcium scoring by dual-source CT with tube-current optimization based on patient body size. e-pub available. Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography 2012.

Nakazato R, Rajani R, Cheng VY, Shmilovich H, Nakanishi R, Otaki Y, Gransar HG, Slomka PJ, Hayes SW, Thomson LEJ, Friedman JD, Wong ND, Shaw LJ, Budoff M, Rozanski A, Berman DS, Dey D. Weight change modulates epicardial fat burden: A 4-year serial study with non-contrast computed tomography. Atherosclerosis 2011. PMID: 22056214.

Shmilovich H, Cheng VY, Tamarappoo BK, Dey D, Nakazato R, Gransar H, Thomson LEJ, Hayes SH, friedman JD, Slomka PJ, Berman DS. Vulnerable plaque features on Coronary Computed Tomography as markers of inducible regional myocardial hypoperfusion on from severe coronary artery stenoses. Atherosclerosis 2011: 219(2): 588-595.

Dey D, Schepis T, Marwan M, Slomka PJ, Berman DS, Achenbach S. Automated Three-dimensional Quantification of Non-calcified Coronary Plaque from Coronary CT Angiography: comparison with Intravascular Ultrasound. Radiology 2010: 516-522.

Dey D, Wong ND, Tamarappoo BK, Nakazato R, Gransar H, Cheng V, Ramesh A, Kakadiaris IA, Guido Germano, Slomka PJ, Berman DS. Computer-aided CT-based Quantitation of Pericardial and Thoracic fat and their Association with Coronary Calcium and Metabolic Syndrome. Atherosclerosis 2010; 136-141.

Tamarappoo BK, Dey D, Nakazato R, Shmilovich S, Smith T, Cheng VY, Thomson LEJ, Hayes S, John Friedman J, Germano G, Slomka PJ, Berman DS. Comparison of the Extent and Severity of Myocardial Perfusion Defects Measured by Computed Tomographic Coronary Angiography and Single Photon Emission Computed Tomographic Myocardial Perfusion Imaging. JACC Cardiovascular Imaging, 2010: 3:1010-1019.

Tamarappoo BK, Dey D, Shmilovich H, Nakazato R, Gransar H, Cheng VY, Slomka PJ, Rozanski A, Berman DS. Increased pericardial fat volume measured from non-contrast CT predicts myocardial ischemia by single photon emission computed tomography. JACC Cardiovascular Imaging, 2010: 3:1104-1112.

Cheng VY, Dey D, Tamarappoo BK, Nakazato R, Gransar H, Miranda-Peats R, Ramesh A, Wong ND, Shaw LJ, Slomka PJ, Berman DS. Pericardial fat burden on ECG-gated noncontrast CT in asymptomatic patients who subsequently experience adverse cardiovascular events on 4-year follow-up: A case-control study. JACC Cardiovascular Imaging 2010, 352-60.

Dey D, Cheng VY, Slomka PJ, Nakazato R, Ramesh A, Gurudevan S, Germano G, Berman DS. Automated Three-dimensional Quantification of Non-calcified and Calcified Coronary Plaque from Coronary CT Angiography. Journal of Cardiovascular CT 2009; 372-382.

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